2017 2nd Progress in Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering (PIAMSE)
28 February – 1st March 2017 | Ghuangzhou, China


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Malaysia Technical Scientist Association (MALTESAS) together with Newcastle University Singapore is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the 2016 2nd Progress in Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering (PIAMSE) on:

28 February – 1st March 2017 | Ghuangzhou, China

This international level conference its aim to be more specific in the development and cutting-edge technology related to Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering. The conference provide a platform where researchers, professionals, academicians and industries to share and generate forum of the latest Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering. It will include keynote addresses, oral presentation of contributed papers, tutorial sessions and exhibition of products and devices from selected industries related.

The theme of the conference is encouragement on Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering related research work towards improvement in the human life quality. The conference offers a platform to local and foreign researchers, academicians, engineers and end-users of research to formulate new research collaborations through candid discussions during paper presentation and discussion. The conference also offers an opportunity to strengthen existing collaborations for gaining tangible research outputs in short time frame. This conference offers different meeting environment where researchers will gather around to enhance their multi-disciplines research area and widening the potential industrial and academics products. Applied Mathematics are considered one of the most unique and useful in science and engineering world where it benefits in today and future technology and environment.

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**Official Notification deadline for acceptance of notification is for paper that is submitted in the last date of Submission Deadline. 

SUBMIT – http://edas.info/N22437

2017 PIAMSE covers, but not limited to, the following topics:

Conference Tracks:

Track: Mathematics Mathematical Logic Algebra Analysis Calculus, Differential Equations and Integration Geometry and Topology Graph Theory and Combinatorics Group Theory Number Theory, Arithmetic Probability and Statistics, Game Theory Modeling and Simulation

Track: Applied Mathematics Physics, Chemical and Biology Computer Graphics Computer Games Complex Networks Cryptography and Information Security Dynamic Systems, Control and Automation Economics and Finance Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence Numerical Analysis, Algebra and Computational Mathematics Operational research Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Signal Processing and Recognition Medical Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Computer and Electrical Engineering Environmental Sciences Fundamental and Applied Sciences Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering System and Naval Mechatronic Engineering Chemical and Civil Engineering Other Topics in Applied Mathematics

SUBMIT – http://edas.info/N22437

Looking forward to your support, participation & contribution in 2017 PIAMSE